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Half Marathon Rookie: How to Train for a Half Marathon...and have fun doing it! loaded with essential training tips on motivation, nutrition, hydration, and much more.
Marathon Rookie: How to Train for a Marathon...and have fun doing it! is your proven guide. This fun-to-read eBook will teach you everything you need to know about successful marathon training and preparation for the big day. You will feel inspired, gain the need-to-know knowledge, and create the mindset of a marathon runner.

You will create a vision for yourself that you will bring into reality on marathon day. Can you really run a 26.2-mile marathon? You can if you want to, you know why you want to, and you prepare mentally, physically, and nutritionally. You will learn how to train for a marathon - safely.
The eBook includes two sections:

Section I

• The marathon experience

• 8 Week Pre-Training schedule

• 16 Week Marathon Training Program

• How to select a marathon course

• What to wear on marathon day

• What your supporters should wear on marathon day

• What you should eat and drink on marathon day

• How to avoid “gutting it out”

• Three things to think about: Tomorrow is promised to no one, Our beliefs become our self-fulfilling prophecy, We choose our attitude in any situation

• How to handle missed runs

• The power of Self-Talk

• How to harness the power of Visualization

• The ultimate power of Relaxation

• The importance of Pre-Training

• How to avoid injury

• Symptoms of injury

• How to treat injury

• How much fluid you should consume during long runs

• How much you fluid you should consume each day

• How the scale will keep you hydrated

• How much fluid to consume after a run

• The best fluids to consume and when

• How many calories you need each day

• The best carbohydrates to consume

• The best protein to consume

• The best stretches to improve flexibility and recovery

• The best time to stretch

• How long to stretch

• The benefits of rest

• Proper running form

• How to conserve energy

• How to relax your body during a run

• Heart rate monitoring

• How to train smart and avoid overtraining

• How to use a heart rate monitor

• Running gear

• What to wear and when

• The benefits of weight lifting

• The Wall: What is is and how to overcome it

• How and why to Taper

• and many more tips on how to train for a marathon

Section II

• Guides you week-by-week through the 16 week training schedule

• How you should feel at the current point in training

• Most important things to focus on in the current week

• Marathon day preparation

• What to do after the marathon

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